"By investing in leaders, organizations, and networks, we help create more powerful and impactfu fields and movements."

- David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Achieving the Impact Multiplier Effect

Most people think about making sure that as much of their money as possible goes to programs, not overhead. But how many people think about creating an impact multiplier effect by providing overhead funding so a competent leader can put much more time into growing their organization? What about contributing to hiring a high-quality fundraiser, or expert in management, marketing, or communications to help a worthy, well-run non profit possibly even double impact over time?

Extraordinary Examples

  • Increased A Nonprofit's Annual Revenue By Over 50 Million Dollars

  • Changed The Entire Trajectory Of A Well-Known Global Nonprofit

  • Raised $300,000 From A $19,000 Grant

  • Enabling A Nonprofit To Complete A 11.5 Million Dollar Campaign.

What Are the Expert Saying?

Like in any field. opinions differ. However, many thought leaders, particularly within philanthropy support organizations, believe strongly in providing capacity and operational support to nonprofits and other social organizations. Many top funders including the Gates, Ford, Hewlett, and Hilton foundations provide extensive capacity and broad-impact funding to this sub-sector.You can find extensive resources on this topic here.

Donor's Corner
Donor's Corner

This corner provides donor's of all kinds will extensive educational resources including quick tutorials.

Nonprofit's Corner
Nonprofit's Corner

This corner provides nonprofits resources plus links to tools to reach out to their donors.

Stories of Impact
Stories of Impact

We collect stories where relatively small grants achieved exceptional results and more.

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Supporting Those at the Front Lines of Change

In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Statistics published that nonprofits accounted for 12.3 million jobs and 10.2% of the U.S. workforce. We depend on nonprofits to advance every cause you could imagine – from reducing childhood hunger, to addressing global warming, to combating COVID-19, to everything else. They are the troops on the front lines of change. Let's fuel well-run nonprofits with the support they need to maximize impact.