"The next time you’re looking at a charity, don’t ask about the rate of their overhead. Ask about the scale of their dreams."

-Dan Pallotta, Well-known speaker, author, and advocate for nonprofits.-

Donor’s Corner

We want to help people like you achieve far greater good with your giving dollars. We are convinced that if done right, you will achieve much more impact in the long-run by strengthening nonprofits. We believe that this is a vital, systemic approach to making a real difference in the world. Our Donor’s Corner offers:

Stories of Impact: We have collected impressive stories that demonstrate the power of fueling nonprofits to achieve maximum good. You can find those stories here.

Resources: Our site provides an extensive list of videos, podcasts, articles, and blog postings from knowledgeable sources from academia, thought leaders, philanthropy, and nonprofits. You can find those resources here.

Quick Tutorials for Donors: We are offering you a free condensed series of mini courses on topics that would take much longer to learn on your own. Each section can be completed within minutes, and the series can be finished within an hour. Once completed, you will have a solid lay-of-the-land on topics related to capacity building and how it is achieved. You will learn about:

  1. Common perspectives in the field of philanthropy regarding nonprofit capacity building.
  2. Ten ways you can fund a nonprofit.
  3. Numerous strategies for mitigating risk and increasing your impact.
  4. Several approaches for providing capacity-building funding.
  5. The growing trend toward trust-based philanthropy.
  6. Why nonprofits need capacity support to grow.

You can take our mini courses here.

  • Introduction

    Welcome to this series of mini courses. We hope to give individual donors a quick lay-of-the-land

  • 10 Ways To Fund A Nonprofit

    1. Program Funding: This type of funding is given to cover the costs of running programs, which

  • Donor’s Perspectives

    Many leaders in philanthropy support organizations (PSOs) believe that nonprofits could achieve a considerably greater impact

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