"Particularly significant are the insufficient resources for organizational infrastructure - the people, technology and systems needed to fuel an organization's sustainability and success."

-Paper, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations-

Introduction to Stories

Important Introduction to our Stories

You will read exceptional stories. For example, in one instance a nonprofit grew from $57 to $108 million in revenue within two years. In another instance, a $19,000 grant led to raising over $300,000 in funding. While these are extraordinary examples where donors achieved exceptional results with their giving dollars, there are simply no guarantees you will achieve similar results – every situation is different.

This is one reason why FuelNonProfits.org offers you an education. We want to help you increase your success by better understanding the capacity-building landscape, including approaches for mitigating risks and maximizing impact. We hope you will take full advantage of the free resources available to you on this site.

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  • Introduction

    Welcome to this series of mini courses. We hope to give individual donors a quick lay-of-the-land

  • 10 Ways To Fund A Nonprofit

    1. Program Funding: This type of funding is given to cover the costs of running programs, which

  • Donor’s Perspectives

    Many leaders in philanthropy support organizations (PSOs) believe that nonprofits could achieve a considerably greater impact

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