"There is another crisis, however – one not often covered by global headlines – that prevents local civil society from effectively addressing these challenges: a capacity crisis that keeps these local organizations from reaching their full potential as the change agents we desperately need."

-Conor Diemand-Yauman, Co-CEO at Merit America-

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We have an incredible vision: We want to reach people with millions and even billions of dollars with our key message, Fuel Nonprofits to Achieve Maximum Good. We are envisioning thousands of people spreading the word through social media – sharing our message, inspiring stories, and hope that the impact multiplier effect can be achieved. Collectively, we can transform the impact of countless nonprofits to solve the most serious problems we face.

Our Donor’s Resources page provides extensive information from many sources, validating our fuel nonprofits model. Our Stories of Impact page provides a growing number of accounts where supporting nonprofits achieved the impact multiplier effect. Our mini courses educate donors on a variety of topics related to helping nonprofits achieve a maximum impact.

How You Can Help Couldn’t Be Simpler

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  2. Spread the word about our stories of impact through your social media contacts.
  • Introduction

    Welcome to this series of mini courses. We hope to give individual donors a quick lay-of-the-land

  • 10 Ways To Fund A Nonprofit

    1. Program Funding: This type of funding is given to cover the costs of running programs, which

  • Donor’s Perspectives

    Many leaders in philanthropy support organizations (PSOs) believe that nonprofits could achieve a considerably greater impact

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