"With the support of funders, organizations and individuals within the nonprofit sector, we can strengthen our collective impact through a sharper focus on talent investing."

-Monisha Kapilla, Founder of ProInspire -

Nonprofit’s Corner With Resources

1. The Resource Alliance (RA): At a time when so many third sector organizations need help with fundraising, RA focuses heavily on meeting this need. For example, in 2020, its staff held a three-day online fundraising webinar, serving 15,000 participants from 140 countries. This organization also attempts to build collaboration both across thematic and geographical verticals. RA is a membership organization. Learn more

2. Fund The People: This organization provides a plethora of information on human resource funding for nonprofits. A toolkit is provided to help nonprofits communicate with staff and funders. Learn more

3. TechSoup (TS): In 2020, TechSoup provided $1.9 billion in technical services and discount products to 164,000 nonprofits across the globe. TechSoup partners with approximately 60 other organizations to support the diverse needs of nonprofits. Learn more about TechSoup in the USA. Learn more about TechSoup Global.

4. National Council of Nonprofits (NCON): NCON is arguably the largest and most visible nonprofit-representing organization in the United States. The organization keeps a close watch to support the sector at the national, federal, and municipal levels, and keeps its members informed about important updates on laws and policies. The senior team writes briefs all the way up to the Supreme Court. NCN has approximately 25,000 members, reaches close to 250,000 nonprofits, and has chapters in many states across the U.S. Learn more

5. Taproot Foundation: The emphasis with Taproot Foundation is on providing pro bono support through skilled volunteers. In their words: “Too many organizations are understaffed, operating on small budgets, and facing challenges that would benefit from targeted matter expertise.” Learn more

6. VolunteerMatch (VM): Every year, approximately 15 million people log on to VM’s website looking for opportunities to volunteer their time. Learn more. When seeking volunteers, also consider Taproot Foundation (listed above) along with idealist.org, Points of Light, All For Good, and HandsOn Connect.

7. Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA): With 72 years of experience strengthening the nonprofit sector, in their words, NLA provides “multiple pathways to earn the Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential.” The organization also provides a learning library and “allows nonprofits to host virtual events, on-demand content, and courses for employees and members.” Learn more

Three other organizations include:

  1.  Nonprofit Alliance: Learn more
  2. Center for Nonprofit Management, SoCal: Learn more
  3.  Leaderosity: Learn more
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