Philanthropy Support Organizations

Organizations Creating Macro-Level Results

Below is a starter list of philanthropy support organizations that already have achieved macro-level results. Because of the massive level of work being done, there are times when providing relatively small amounts of catalytic funding can lead these organizations to greater heights.

  • GivingTuesday (GT): This organization raised 2.47 billion in generous giving in 2020 in the U.S. alone. GT Giving Commons is the world’s largest resource for motivating generosity.
  • Generation Pledge (GP): This organization has attracted $1.5 billion in pledges in just three years; these have come from NextGen’s and millennials who will be inheriting wealth. GP has set out to grow this number to over $4 billion by 2024. Included in the organization’s model is consultative services to help inheritors be highly effectively in their giving and use their social and political capital as well.
  • National Council of Foundations (NCF): This organization serves more than 1,700 foundations. NCF continues to expose members to what many consider to be “best practices”, which include processes that promote equity and trust between grant makers and those they serve. During Covid-19, NCF, along with partners, secured over 700 foundation pledges to provide flexible, multi-year, unrestricted funding for grantees.
  • Philanthropy Together (PT): This organization works to democratize philanthropy and increase generosity by helping to establish many more giving circles around the world. PT aims to increase charitable capital by $1 Billion by 2024. Establishing giving circles also increases the effectiveness of giving as groups of people become educating together on the issues they collective seek to support.
  • TechSoup (TS): In 2020, TS facilitated $1.9 billion in technical services and discount products to 164,000 nonprofits in 236 Countries. TS seeks to provide $4.8 billion to over 300,000 by 2024. With sufficient support, the organization hopes to bring millions of unidentified organizations on the radar.
  • National Council of Nonprofits (NCN): This organization has approximately 25,000 members and reaches close to 250,000 nonprofits with chapters in many states across the U.S. NCN, along with its partners, impacts how billions of government dollars gets given and allocated to the nonprofit sector.
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  • 10 Ways To Fund A Nonprofit

    1. Program Funding: This type of funding is given to cover the costs of running programs, which

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    Many leaders in philanthropy support organizations (PSOs) believe that nonprofits could achieve a considerably greater impact

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